Earth Week 2022 was a busy one locally. After a pandemic-imposed two-year hiatus, residents in the City of Brantford, County of Brant and Six Nations of the Grand River were eager to take part in community clean-ups, tree-planting activities and other events aimed at protecting and enhancing our environment and natural resources. 

 It was a particularly meaningful week for Brant Waterways Foundation as the Board formalized its long-time partnership with the Brant Tree Coalition by making it a committee of the Foundation and incorporating its tree planting and other greening projects into the scope of the Foundation’s charitable activities.   

 This year’s tree planting activities included: 

  • 13th Annual Brant Tree Coalition Annual High School Tree Plant (April 21/22) 

More than 500 area high school students took part in the naturalization of a pond (home to fish, frogs, turtles and a wide variety of birds adjacent to  Savannah Oaks Drive in Brantford’s north-west industrial park. 

  • 7th Annual Brant County Community Tree Plant (April 23/22) 

Brant County residents planted 600 native trees and shrubs on land behind the Sobeys on Grand River St. North in Paris – part of the source water protection area for the Town of Paris.  

  • 9th Annual Brantford Community Tree Plant (April 24/22) 

Residents, corporate and community groups continued the work initiated by the high school students at the Savannah Oaks Drive pond. More than 7,000 native trees and shrubs were planted to enhance the environment. 

 Brant Waterways’ Directors also participated in the City of Brantford’s Community Clean-up on Saturday, April 23rd. Working with our local Rotary Club partners, we focused on the trails and riverbanks within the Centennial Waterworks Park areas. 

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