In the spring of 2022, Brant Waterways Foundation formalized its long-time partnership with the Brant Tree Coalition by making it a committee of the Foundation and incorporating its tree planting and other greening projects into the scope of the Foundation’s charitable activities.
Two people planting trees for a Brant Tree Coalition project.


The Brant Tree Coalition began as an industry-led venture in 2005 at Apotex Pharmachem in West Brant. Employees began a tree nursery on vacant land across from the factory on Spalding Drive. Since then, more than 200 trees have been transplanted from the nursery to surrounding City parks.

Under the leadership of former Brant Waterways Director Chuck Beach, assisted by an enthusiastic team of volunteers, the Brant Tree Coalition’s scope expanded, as did its support base. Today its friends, partners, benefactors and beneficiaries include industry, local government, school boards, other environmental groups and various non-profit agencies.

Brant Tree Coalition’s Purpose and Projects

A core function of the Coalition is to lead naturalization projects by planning and organizing tree planting events. Annual community tree plant days in Brantford and Brant County are open to everyone. Complementary activities include student plant days (in cooperation with local high schools) and tree planting events for specific companies and groups. Since its inception, the Brant Tree Coalition has orchestrated the planting of over 116,000 native trees and shrubs in the City of Brantford and the County of Brant.

One of the most impactful projects undertaken by the Coalition was the creation of the New Forest in the City within the City of Brantford. This 78-acre (31.6 ha) property, in the middle of an industrial park, has seen the transformation of area farmed since the 1850’s into a naturalized site where native species thrive. Since 2012, more than 66,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted by our community at the site.

Photos from Previous Brant Tree Coalition Activities

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