Everyone can be a photographer this summer with our 5 tips for outdoor photography! Check them out, give them a try, and then make sure to enter your photos in Brant Waterway’s Summer Photo Contest!

Photo of a person paddling down a river from above.

1. Change your Perspective

Try crouching down of lifting up your camera for different angles of interest.

Photo of graffiti behind some blurred plants.

2. Play with Focus

Define your main subject with a sharp focus, while allowing the foreground and/or background to be blurry.

Sunset photo of the sky over the Grand River.

3. Let the Sun Inspire You

Take advantage of an early morning sunrise on the river, or catch a colourful sunset to create a unique mood for your scenic or portrait photo. 

2 people paddling down the Grand River.

4. Action Shots

Experiment with slow and fast shutter speeds to allow motion blur within your scene. Try panning your camera with your moving subject for fast-looking action shots!

Close up photo of a frog.

5. Get Up Close and Personal

Extreme close-ups of animals, bugs, flowers, or even dew drops on leaves can make for stunning and curious photos. 

Bottom Line: Be patient, get to know your camera, and take lots of photos! Slow down, look around… You never know when you’ll capture that perfect picture!

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